120° WiFi Window Camera Set



120° Window Camera with WiFi Audio/ Video Transceiver for remote viewing using your smartphone

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Keeping an eye on what matters most is what Window Camera video security is all about, and our new window cameras are designed to make it easy for you to get complete coverage of your home or business store.

The suction-cup makes window camera placement very flexible – you can stick the camera to a window facing outside or inside. You can watch what happens in your yard while away at work, or turn the camera inward to keep an eye on the kids while at home.

With its simple mounting method you can move the camera from room to room anytime. All you need is a power outlet near to the window that you like to mount the mini camera.  

Package Including:

1.) 120°  Window Camera w/ 1 meter long super-thin cable

2.) 5 meters long ultra-thin cable                 5.) 8GB Micro SD Card

3.) WiFi Audio / Video Transceiver               6.) 1.5 meters long power cable

4.) Mini A/V plug                                              7.) DC adapter

                        (we will provide correct  power plug match your country wall plug)

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